Who we are

Founded in 1972, “POMDI” – Herramientas de Diamante, S. A. is today one of the leading industrial diamond tool manufacturers.

Right from the start, POMDI’s aim has always been to offer clients in a wide variety of industrial sectors superabrasive industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) machining solutions.


POMDI’s mission is to offer cost-effective machining solutions to all current and potential superabrasive machining users. Our goal is to become the leading point of reference for both our clients and our suppliers whilst creating value for our shareholders, employees and Society.


In order for POMDI to fulfil its MISSION fully it must:


Assure that the quality of the solutions that we manufacture or design meets our clients’ criteria: we need to be leaders in quality.


Maintain our production capacity at cost-effective levels for the solutions that we manufacture, and do the same with our know-how for the solutions that we design: we need to be leaders in professionalism.


Constantly analyse our clients’ requirements and our suppliers’ and competitors’ innovations to extend our range of solutions: we need to be leaders in innovation.

Quality management

Fulfil each and every one of the expectations that each and every one of our clients have of our products and services

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Know us

To meet the new challenges set by manufacturing requirements and increasingly stringent quality demands, we operate a 3-building facility covering a gross floor area of approximately 2500 m2 built on a 13,500 m2 site.