Cerium oxide

GLOSSEX – High quality cerium oxide

One of the most important products in glass polishing saw itself threatened in 2010. China was the only supplier and that caused a global economic crisis, making its price increase 10 times its value and limiting the annual exportation to EU countries.

POMDI saw this problem and that is why we started to supply cerium oxide, assuring enough supplies for the European demand.

Nowadays, we supply to Europe and South America.

We have 2 kinds of cerium oxide:

  • Pink Glossex. Sold in 25kg barrels, with 5 bags of 5 kg each. Maximum quality for glass edging and optimum quality for flat glass beveling.
  • White Glossex. Sold in 25kg barrels, with 5 bags of 5kg each. Maximum quality for flat glass beveling and also used in optics.

In collaboration with a certified company, POMDI has developed its own Safety Data Sheet, that can be downloaded below.